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Capturing the best bits of life...

Portait photography - get more photos, more often!




best mini photoshoot Edinburgh has to offer!

- Newborn Photography Edinburgh
- Family Portrait Edinburgh
- Baby Photography Edinburgh
- maternity photography Edinburgh
Baby Photography - Edinburgh 1
Baby Photography - Edinburgh 2
Baby Photography - Edinburgh 3
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3 digital downloads

for just £36!

Welcome to Joy Tots...

Your visit, 

what to expect?

  • Book a 15min. slot (it's the 'golden period' of time to keep your little one happy!)

  • Allow to arrive NO earlier than 5min early. (babies tend to get more fussy the longer they are in the same environment).

  • Feel free to bring a change of clothes/outfits (especially if one gets soaked in drool!)

  • Babies should be fed & have fresh nappies (Don't worry, a nap isn't essential, as it's a very stimulating visit).

  • We'll have a quick chat beforehand to see what type of photos you like, family arrangements and about props.

  • Mini photo shoots are fun, relaxed and made to make you feel right at home in our professional fully-equipped photo studio- Edinburgh!

Joy Tots- Baby Play Cafe
Photo Studio - Edinburgh - Joy Tots
​Every booking includes:

              - 15min. Mini PhotoShoot Edinburgh


- Receive 3 (5x7") Digital Photo Downloads

(larger prints and photo downloads available)


- Online portfolio photo gallery to share, view and purchase your photos from.

(Additional options to purchase prints are also available.)

tips & advice

- Keep things relaxed & fun!

Making the most out of your mini photoshoot:

  • Remember kids don't always preform on command, so don't worry. Be supportive and have patience, we have the time...

  • Slow down, 15mins may sound short but in 'baby time' it is a long to sit in one place. So slow down and we'll take our time. I haven't met one family we didn't get through their 'wish list' yet!

  • Work with me! I'll always ask your permission first, but I like to be quite hands on with your baby. I.e. moving, positioning, removing drool, etc. I don't mind dealing with snot, tears, drool and the rest... it's my job to make you look good, so no worries!


  • I take natural lifestyle baby photography. I don't use silly props, shake ratters etc. to stun or make your child react. I earn their attention through interaction and playing, resulting in authentic candid shots of your child's personality. 


  • My job is done when we I get to tell the story of your child through their eyes and expressions! I aim to capture as many expressions and emotions in my photography. Parents comment how well I can capture their wee one's little mind and soul.

- What to wear

  • Our mini photoshoot photos are taken sitting on the ground, so keep this in mind with high heel shoes/socks or skirt problems...

  • Dress in layers so you can quickly take them off. It helps keep your baby calm/happy/comfortable.​

  • The photos are taken with a white background which appears white/light grey in photos. You can wear white, but I would recommend a fabric with slight texture, ruffle, shadow creases from collars etc. to avoid blending into the background.

  • Avoid wearing distracting logos, heavy patterns or extremely reflective materials.

  • If you want your family to 'match' you can always opt for similar hues (all lights or all midtones or all darks).


  • If you want to keep focus on the child, children should wear a lighter or brighter colour than their parents.

  • Be warned about wearing all black. Because the photo studio lights can be strong, it washed out some shadows. Black ends up looking very flat and is quite strong contrast against the white backdrop.

  • Lastly, bring spare clothes just in case...


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