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  • Can I come early to set up?

You can come 15mins early to set up before your party time. Please note, the party assistant may or may not be ready to assist you until the party actually starts.

  • I have balloons, cake or party supplies can I drop them off early?

Depends. We do have a fridge available to use for the party but depending what other parties we have on, we may not be able to store anything in the fridge or back room prior to your event. Please check with us. Please note, we can not take responsibility for anything dropped off before your party starts. You can leave some things with us at your own risk, but please check beforehand to see if we have space available.

  • Can I bring my own decorations?

Yes, of course! Please feel free. We only ask that you tie things on or use removable/non-damaging blue tac or similar product. No cellophane or packing tape of any kind will be allowed as it damages our paintwork or leaves sticky on our windows etc. You will be responsible for putting up or taking down. If you feel like you don't have enough time, but want to make that 'wow' factor, why not have us put them up for you! Charges are above in 'Party Add-on' section.

  • What if my time runs over?

If you think your time will run over, you'll need to add a 30min 'add-on' to your time before your allocated party time finishes. It is your responsibility to be aware of the time. Please check with us ahead of time to make sure the 30min. 'add-on' is available as sometimes we may have a later party on and this may not be an option. It is best to book the 30min 'add-on' ahead. If not 'add-on' is available you will be charged at late fees mentioned in the party terms and conditions off the booking form you completed.

  • Can I bring food or drink?

Yes, of course! Feel free! Please note, if you bring food, you will need to provide cups, plates, forks, napkins etc. Also, you will need to take empty bottles and food platter/cake boxes with you when you leave. We have a cake cutting knife and lighter available for your use. If we provide the catering, no need to bring anything but your cake!

  • Can I bring alcohol?

Yes, you can bring alcohol (bring-your-own-bottle) to your party, but you need to confirm amounts and quantities of alcohol being brought onto the premises before the party starts as we need to pre-approve.

  • Can I bring more than 32 people?

No. If there are more than 32 people, you will have to ask that some of your guests leave. Please note babies are included in the 32 guest limit.

  • I want to use the photo projector for photos, what do I need to do?

We will set up the photo projector on a slide show. It is a nice touch to have photos playing in the background at the beginning of your party. We will just need a usb key with photos (turned right side up) to display. Photos as you give them, will be exactly how they are displayed. The photos will run in a loop on a picture slideshow.

  • Can I bring sparklers or extra large candles?

No. We only accept traditional wax candles. No sparklers or flames taller than 2 inches.

  • I still have more questions...

Please read our party Terms and Conditions attached to the party booking form before purchasing and signing. Alternatively, feel free to email us at 

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