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Party Crafts


Why not add a craft table at your party, great for little ones turning 3 and upwards or if you have some older siblings attending. We can tailor to a theme or favourite story etc, just let us know what you little one likes and we can offer some suggestions. 

There are a few options...

  • Taught craft - making and painting/decorating something from scratch, this could also include a story to start, which the crafts would then be based on,  best suited to smaller groups.

  • Ready made - choosing blank wooden or ceramic objects to paint and decorate, best suited to larger groups. This option is more relaxed as can easily be left and returned to, party excitement is real! 

  • Colouring -  colouring and activity sheets with optional stickers!  

Taught and ready made crafts start from £3 per child. Colouring dependant on numbers. Please note the maximum number for children for a craft table is 12. 

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