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Baby Massage


Baby Massage is a wonderful skill you can practice with your baby from birth. It is the perfect first class to attend with your baby as it helps to relieve any wind, colic or other tummy issues your baby might have. It also helps to relax your baby and promote deeper and longer sleep.

Baby massage helps to produce oxytocin, the love hormone, which promotes bonding between parent and child. The skills you learn with your baby at this age you can use for life. You are welcome to attend this class with your baby aged from birth - pre-crawling.

We are delighted to welcome Caro Graham as our new baby massage teacher at Joy Tots. Caro is a baby massage teacher with FATOWL LTD, a well known and highly regarded local baby and toddler class provider. Caro is also a baby sleep consultant and can guide you with any issues you may be having with your baby's sleep.

To book this relaxing and intimate class please go to the FATOWL booking system and book via the link below.

Welcome to stay after class for a chat and enjoy a coffee and cake for £4. 




1 hour


8 kids




Thursday 22nd February -
Thursday 21st March

A 5 week course


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