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pregnancy yoga edinburgh

It's never too late to start pregnancy yoga!

You can join the classes from your second trimester onwards. Suitable for all women, from 14 weeks pregnant, whether new to yoga or an experienced practitioner. 


This block of weekly classes offers you the chance to connect with your baby and a chance to build a community with other pregnant women.

Classes incorporate yoga postures and sequences to build strength and stamina for pregnancy and labour, postures to create space in the body for you and baby, and breathing/relaxation techniques to allow mums to remain calm and focused during pregnancy and birth.

Classes with T-Yoga

'As a Pregnancy Yoga teacher I am extremely passionate about the holistic mind and body benefits yoga can bring to support women through birth and after. I believe yoga is for everyone and is a great support to help mums to de-stress, connect with others, share our journeys and become part of a community. Pregnancy Yoga classes are a fantastic way to nourish our bodies and physically and emotionally improve our health and wellbeing. I am currently running weekly classes in Pregnancy Yoga where I offer a relaxed and calming space for women to practise and provide practical tools to support women during their pregnancy and birth.'

Classes currently on hold - new dates as soon as we can.
Please send us an email to register your interest and we will keep you updated.
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